(A small sample of client comments!)




  • Met Joe, invited me to a seminar which was very informative.
  • Ready 20 minutes into the seminar to get work along with Joe. Joe is a stand up and energetic guy who you can trust as he is a passionate person.
  • Its not enough to retire solely on your super. Definitely an eye opener as better solutions presented.
  • Recommend the seminar to all, great information presented to you. Great friendly environment with no pressure.


  • Met you in Fiji, good view of your company vision we then stayed in contact and came along to the seminar in Sydney,
  • yes, since all the confusion was answered in the seminar regarding investing in property. Even brought my mum along reassuring all my worries and queries would be answered.
  • The process is a journey. I get to leverage your time, your knowledge, guide us on our journey to property investment whenever I felt anxious or uncertain, you were there always to give me a helping hand and guidance.
  • 100% great value recommend to everyone to come along.

Property Investments

Bradley Halabi

  • I looked into the best outcome for my future and I believe that investing in something now is going to pau off in a time when I want to retire not when the government says I should.
  • Through a colleague of mine spoke highly of Joe and the team. To work with Joe if I wanted to invest.
  • I feel comfortable that my future is going to be secure. Excited to invest more and more so I can pass on to my children and very comfortable working with Joe and the team.
  • Definitely, would have found it overwhelming. There is a lot of steps and if you do not know what you are doing, it would be very tricky
  • I would and I have referred Ample to my parents to invest in property and referred a friend who signed up with Joe and the team.

Graham Bowd

  • Motivation to wealth creation is about supporting my family and putting myself in a position where I d not need to work until I am 60 plus years of age and retire at an age, I am comfortable with.
  • Experience with Joe and the team was positive. The team showed support as investing is scary. Having professionals there to guided you through the process is what you need to help make the right decisions.
  • I feel really confident and have a clear vision of where I want to be in the next 5 to 10 years, in my property portfolio, wealth creation provided by Joes team helped to get out there and create wealth for yourself.
  • I would recommend Ample to friends and everyone really as it is scary to invest. Having a team to guide you takes away fear and the right team to point you in the right direction is what you need.
  • To everyone out there who is looking, make your move, purchase your first one – you won’t look back you will only say why didn’t I do this sooner.


  • Buying house these days are popular for long term investments, easier for me to understand than other types of investments.
  • I feel very proud of myself. My wish to have a house, better yet and investment property and I wish I started earlier. Pleased with what I have achieved.
  • Why have headache when you can use the knowledge from Ample Property Solutions team to do all the hard work for you. From day one it has run smoothly. All I done was my routine, going to work, coming home to relax while I let the experts do the work for me.
  • Definitely! Yes. I would endorse Ample to anyone, Its your one stop shop. I trusted Joe and the team to deliver what they promised.
  • If its your first investment, it is important to have the right team behind you and you should speak to Ample.

Joseph Dirani

  • If you ask for people’s opinion you will get confused as everyone has an idea of what is right and wrong. This will muck up your thoughts. Its better to go through professionals who know what they are doing, put you on the right track and you can see results for yourself rather than asking wrong people wrong questions.
  • My dream has come true, I am overwhelmed with the process and what is happening now a property owner and completely different person. I am so pleased with Joes help in getting me on the right track.
  • Yes, I discussed earlier with Joe that in the next few years I will invest again in property with Joes help, following a few stages (steps) to help me stay on track
  • I already have a few people lined up who have seen my process and success with Joe and they will move forward together.

Daniel and Melody

  • Found out about Ample through a friend of ours, we took his advice and went from there.
  • We were always looking for our future and knew Sydney prices were sky rocketing which were not liable, and we want out of state and Ample met all our needs in producing this for us.
  • It is overwhelming to invest interstate as your not certain of demographics, but we trusted Joe.
  • Good, excited and looking forward to early retirement. The start is happening and can’t wait for the end.
  • Its funny you asked that, I just referred a friend and yes, the service is great. Joe is very profolic and would jump on the band wagon again with Ample.

Fran and Manh

  • Met through a friend who also invested in property with Joe. We didn’t know how to and what to invest, so friend friends experience we trusted Joe.
  • No internal research was done, we put our trust in Joe and our friends and done the same.
  • We decided to invest in January
  • It was simple and easy, trusted the process. We had so much stress in the past with property, so Joe did everything for us and made it easy and simple for us.
  • We done this to broaden our property portfolio, happy with the process and excited of owning a home again.
  • We can do this without Joe and his team, but we will always go back to Joe. He took all the stress out of us and investing.
  • We have recommended Joe to our family and friends already.


  • I met you at the Property Expo about 12 months ago. Ample was the one that really stuck out. I wanted to invest but outside Sydney NSW and I would need the help from Joe and his team as I had not much research.
  • We had 1 on 1 meeting a week later and you ticked all our boxes. From our perspective, Joe is passionate and knowledgeable who made it comfortable to work along side Joe. Trust is what we had at the end of the day.
  • Joe selected the right home and land package for us. It was daunting, but Joe made it an easy experience by guiding you along the way with the experts in the field, it was hassle free!
  • Looking from an affordability perspective, we knew we wanted to invest but not in Sydney we were looking interstate, but Joe’s help made it rewarding.
  • If I can buy again, Joes team will help and support me, moving forward.
  • Absolutely, the whole team behind Joe from the insurance to the property management and builders, they gave me relief and comfort to trust them.


  • Honestly, taking a lot in. I’m so happy, so proud of myself and of course first of many investments.
  • When I met you Joe at the Tony Robbins event, I knew from then moving forward, I had to secure my future. I was sold then and there by you and your company’s vision.
  • Don’t delay, everyday out of the market is a day lost.
  • Yes, it’s scary but that’s why I chose you, to guide me along the way. Any insecurities or doubts I had been cleared by you and felt comfortable going with you than to learn on my own
  • 100% would recommend and I have already

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