Sharks and Research




Sharks and Research

There are sharks out there..oh..yeah.

We will expand on that in a minute.

A cash rich investor arrived in our offices recently and started talking about where and when they would like to invest.So we naturally asked them how much equity they had as well as where they were interested in investing.

The responses were very interesting to say the least.

First off, they had nearly one and a half million dollars in cash sitting in the bank. And their second response was they were looking at investing “somewhere” in Sydney. When we asked why it had to be in Sydney, especially given the amount of cash they had,  and the possibility of greater returns out of Sydney, they were slightly perplexed.

They had not done a lot of research and were listening to friends and family.

For a start, one of our suggestions was, instead of one established property in Sydney for investment purposes, they should aim for several new properties in other areas around Australia that had fantastic capital returns.

Back to our shark metaphor…

We like to test the waters by researching different types of property investment companies products and services. This often gives us ideas on how to improve our own business.

So we proceeded to a seminar.

They had arranged two different lines, one for the V.I.P clients, who had paid more than us, and one for us, the great unwashed. And they had cleverly inflated the numbers by giving us an extra ticket free(we had purchased one ticket). The event was running late but finally they opened the doors for Non VIP members and we were swept in by the crowd.

The host came leaping out, very well dressed and with a sparkling smile. We were encouraged to clap and yell out how “excited” we were..the usual spiel. Then came the breathless “testimonials” that were shot very amateurishly.. perhaps to increase creditability ?

And they were all amazing..”I made twenty thousand in four months”..”I made five thousand in two weeks” and on and on. The “made” in that context was referring to a supposedly amazing increase in the equity of the property(or they had flipped the house really quickly) because they were in such white hot areas and buyers were scrambling..

Of course the whole talk was designed to show people how they could carefully invest in property for long term wealth creation.

That`s what we were there for right..??

But it wasn’t. 🙁

The man at the front made it quite clear that he was selling investment products from his own building companies. There were no tricks and nothing dishonest was essentially presented.

The problem is, when “they” are supposedly educating” you, they have to be seen as being without a bias towards one specific modality.In this was the push towards their own homes. They were doing something we felt was not right.

They speaker also bizarrely mocked people who were working at jobs for their income/wealth.

How is that working for you” ? was his rhetorical question.

This was to get the crowd onside about the amazing ability of “passive income” compared to crazy things, like working for money.

 So we left after fifteen minutes.

What was wrong ?

Where do I start ?

The whole thing felt like a faith healing meeting.

Instead of showing punters how they, using a logical model of investing, could increase their wealth, over a long time, we were hit with how much money “YOU” could make really quickly. There was not a word about risks or possible problems, it was all clapping hands and you can make big $$$ by going with us..

The second problem, other than the hosts perfect glowing white teeth (is that a problem ?)was that he clearly told them he was selling properties that he had created.There was no straight out deception.

But..and its a big but, the flip side of the coin was that it now meant, that instead of directing his clients to areas of high growth, with high ratio of owner to rental  residents, with good growth in the area due to infra structure etc.. the smiling man, had to direct his clients to areas…that were more than likely, not the best for investing in.

He had no choice.

The choices he was directing all his clients to, were all his properties. This is always great for his company and “might” have been good for his clients. Some of the time. Thats when the fifteen minute mark came around and we left the room, slightly saddened..

Everyone claims they have a clients best interest at heart.

But as we all see day after day in all sorts of businesses, thats not often the case. Some companies just become too large too quickly and their products and service start to deteriorate. Assuming of course they had a decent product or service initially. And the other quality is what sort of “culture” a companies staff have been encouraged to implement to further the companies agenda.

Orwellian word games are slowly seeping into many companies in Australia, and its not just in our industry.

So why are Ample property Solutions different to many other companies out there today in Australia ?

 First and foremost, our relationship with our customers is our number one prioroty.

Combined with  a very strong ethos of integrity and honesty.

And building off from those qualities is a commitment to doing the best we can for our clients, at all times.

We overstate the risks, and understate the possible profits.

Who else does that ??

Our customers are not mere numbers, but are part of the Ample Property family of investors who are actively working towards  long term wealth creation through the safest asset class we know of in Australia.

Real estate.

We guide our clients every step of the way, from start to finish.

And make a complicated process, simple.

We have a team of experts all over Australia who advise us on the latest boom areas.

And because we are not selling our properties, we can advise our clients, where and when is the best time, to purchase.

Because all states and suburbs, have a ebb and flow, a cycle so to speak.

And we always advise our clients to buy new properties for all the tax advantages !

Now is the time to speak to one of our staff…

Or, book for our next seminar.

It is in Sydney and is free but bookings are essential..