Where to invest ?

Where should people invest in? And why?

A lot of people thinking of investing, end up believing they should invest where they are living.

Because they are familiar with their own neighbourhood.

They think they know that this will be the best opportunity to invest in.

Be cause either they have a property they live in.


They are renting there and think this is where they should be purchasing.

We call this emotional investing.

This is why you need to look at locations that are growing.

For example.

Locations that have huge infra-structure.

You have to look at “where are the big guys spending the money”

Area`s like Newcastle.!



And even South west of Sydney.

However what I would be looking at first is how much this is going to cost to hold on to the property.

So, Based on that, guides us in sourcing the right location.

And If they can afford to hold on to the property, through the up and down cycles is very important..

If the property is not going to cost me a lot of money to hold on per week and per month.

Then that is the property I would be looking for personally.

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