Wealth and Health



“The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil

We started with a poet.
Would`t you know it ?
What are those crazy people at Ample Property Solutions up to now ?
Now they produce an article about health, on a web site devoted to using property for wealth creation and reducing your taxes !
Try and find another property investment web site in Australia, that has an article about healthy living.
Like most people, they don’t care or understand the point.
The point my friends is simple.
What sort of “goal” is retiring with a decent and safe income, if you are spending every day at the doctors for different forms of medication to control long term problems associated with diet and lifestyle ?
How many people are wandering around with some form auto immune diseases and Type 2 diabetes these days ?
Too many.
And the root of many of the problems we are seeing today is, excess calories and no time for scientific forms of exercise.
So lets keep it simple.
Why not try skipping Breakfast ?
Yes, I know that some nutritionists might suggest  “You must eat breakfast” .

But I need “energy” ? I hear you say.
Really..? Are you working as a lumber jack in  a forest ?

We thought not..
All your healthy growth hormones etc are peaking in the morning, but you normally kill them down by eating.
The energy from food is stored as either glycogen or adipose tissue, i.e FAT.
Which is the bodies way of storing energy for use later on.
What normally happens in the morning is, you wake up and are hungry, because you have entrained a class of hormones to be generated with the association with food(calories) in the morning.
You don’t eat..the hormones start going “quick, I am hungry” and you eat.
But once you start not eating breakfast, the hormones adapt and stop signalling to you.
And, there is more.
How often do you hear people tell you they are hungry within a few hours of eating breakfast !
And your blood sugar levels are lower in the morning pre breakfast, but hey, lets send those blood sugar levels sky high.
Which is what you end up doing if you have a metabolic problem/obesity problem.
So, by delaying your eating, to different windows of time, i.e. eating in 2-6 hour windows, you can possibly lower your caloric intake as well as help control blood sugar levels.
How simple is that ?
Welcome to the wonderful world of intermittent fasting !
And one of the controllers of the human body is Insulin which governs the transport of glucose to the cells.
Excess insulin, due to exposure to excess glucose levels repeatedly leads to insulin resistance.
Say hello to Type 2 diabetes.
Lack of insulin, is Type 1 diabetes.
You can make your body more sensitive to insulin, by Intermittent fasting.
And when the insulin levels are lowered, fat is now metabolised for energy.
But wait, there is more.
When people try and restrict calories the conventional way, the other main hurdle they face is, their metabolism slows down to compensate for the lower levels of calories being supplied to the body.
But, when you Fast, the bodies metabolism does not drop.
Thats the magic behind it.

So what should you be eating ?
Anything thats not processed would be a great start.
And now a very brief foray into exercise.
Stick to high intensity resistance exercise combined with Tabata like short intense “cardio” sessions for optimum fitness levels and bang for your buck.
If your trying to “burn calories” jogging, forget it, the process burns very little.
All exercise, essentially is catabolic to some degree, as in the loss of muscle and fat.
But resistance exercise, only..!! leads to an anabolic response, i.e, the growth of muscle.
After we turn about thirty years old, we start to experience sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle and strength.
The last thing you want to do, is accelerate the loss of muscle by exercises like running.
Let alone damaging the knee`s and ankles !

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.” – A.J. Reb Materi