The Power Of Research





The Power of Research

Noun-Research- the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.
Derived from the Middle French “recherche”, which means “to go about seeking

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines research in more detail as “a studious inquiry or examination; especially investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts”

Qualitative research
This involves understanding human behaviour and the reasons that govern such behaviour, by asking a broad question, collecting data in the form of words, images, video etc that is analysed, and searching for themes.

Quantitative research
This involves systematic empirical investigation of quantitative properties and phenomena and their relationships, by asking a series of narrow questions and collecting numerical data to analyse it utilising statistical methods.

What does “academic stuff” like this have to do with property investment or even wealth creation ?
It has everything, thats the point.
Lets look at the broad process !

1-Identification of research problem
Lets also keep it as succinct as possible.
The problem is, what has the highest long term probability of increasing our wealth, with the lowest probability of risks that can be defined clearly ?
Savings and government bonds etc are clearly safe for investing in Australia, but no one becomes wealthy over the long term if they just relied on either of those modalities.

What about shares ?
These can be a great vehicle for long term wealth creation but volatility of the markets and the sheer complexity of information to get even a rough handle on this subject make it extremely difficult for the average punter to understand.
A film that springs to mind is “The Wolf Of Wall Street”

This leaves us with our solution.

Real Estate 

We will expand on this later on though !

2-Specifying the purpose of research
The purpose of research in this arena is built around studying the boom areas in Australia, finding the right builders who are reliable, knowing when is the right time to invest as well as where is the right area.
Every city has a cycle of expansion and contraction in jobs and housing prices etc.

3-Data collection
This ties straight in with the purpose of research.
We have people all over Australia who have spent a lifetime analysing investment trends and the property market.
They synthesise the data and guide us on when and where to direct our clients on investing.
Remember, the whole premise of intelligent property investing is to invest without any form of emotional attachment to the purchase.
Its not about the colour of a room or a garden layout.
And it most certainly is not about only looking to invest in your own backyard for ease of repairs.
On that note, we had a gentleman walk up to us at a trade fair quite recently who explained to us in a slightly aggressive tone, that he only wanted to purchase a property near to his home since this allowed him to make easy repairs to the plumbing. 🙂
Obviously our services were not a match for the amateur plumber !

4-Analyzing and interpreting the data
We use this information to guide our clients to the exact investment package that suits their needs, and is best suited for maximum growth.
The majority of the population do not have access to ALL our data sources and their is no way that “joe public” could make a valid interpretation from the small amount of information that is available.

Reading a few property investment magazines, a web browse using “the google” and watching a few investment videos on youtube does not prepare you for the daunting task of property investment.
And the worst advice is from friends and relatives that mean well, but who are just repeating stuff they think is accurate.
A property investment is the largest outright investment most people will ever make.

5-Communicating the research findings
This is the most important and interesting piece that our staff enjoy doing.
The two main ways this is imparted is through our popular seminars throughout Sydney as well as our no obligation home visits by our dedicated team of property advisers.
All of whom are investors themselves !

The Research Summary

Investing money into a large asset class like property, requires careful planning and a large amount of information.
What would you prefer ?
To go it alone without much research, or, base your investment on tried and true strategies, helped at every step of the way by an experienced team of property investors who have extensive contacts all over Australia.
Its really a no brainer right ?

Let Ample property Solutions show you, today, how to safely increase your long term wealth using NEW properties, all over Australia.
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