Real Estate Investor

Property Investment for wealth creation  !
A useful definition of wealth for us is “the number of days you can survive, without physically working, and still maintain your standard of living.”
Why would anyone use property as an investment vehicle ?
You could keep your cash under your own bed or in the bank instead.
At current interest rates, you are not earning much more on interest than if it was under your bed anyway.
You could invest your money in a business which may or may not work in the long run.
What about the stock market I hear you say ?
But you must have missed how many times the market has crashed over the last few years.
And, if its such a sure deal, go to your bank manager and try and get a loan, for stocks in their bank using their shares as collaterel.
I mean its a bank right ?
What could go wrong ?

And they will refuse to lend you the money.Not even the banks, will bank on their own shares.
But our favourite reasons for being a Real Estate Investor are the following.
Houses in Australia are always in demand as long as the population increases and there are many people now days that are more than  happy to rent rather than purchase a house.

The essence of real wealth creation is not you working.
Its your money working for you rather than you spending your life working for it.
We believer its foolish spending your life working for money, but we need money to support our lifestyle.
And by following our experts, and using the money from the bank, you will become a Real Estate Investor.
Which gives you OPT-Other Peoples time(and expertise)
And OPM-Other Peoples Money (the banks)
We are trying to make money from assets and are not trying to make money(long term money that is) from salaries.
Then the next question is, if its so simple, why don’t more people become property investors?
And the simple answer is, fear of risk.
Many people are so afraid of losing, they choose not to invest or risk their money at all.No matter how much money they could make in return.
They incorrectly think of this situation as gambling.
A gambler is investing in a game of chance.An investor is investing in a game of skill.
How could a lifetime of tax reductions of over 50% not entice people into using property in Australia ?
Its just that the average man in the street does not know the right way to do this.
Thats where we come on…we offer our clients the whole package.

real estate investment
                         real estate investment