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Property Investment Companies


Does anyone really need to start using the services of a Property Investment Company rather than trying to do all the work yourself ?
Can it be possible or even highly probable that Joe Citizen can do their own research in something as complex as a property investment ?
People do it all the time I hear you say.
People do many things all the time, but it does not follow that those actions are reasonable or prudent.

There are countless positive real estate reviews on the internet and in magazines and the whole subject just becomes a morass of confusion and too much content.

And everyone in this field, just like weight loss, is an instant expert because they read one article or know of a relative who has purchased a property.

Many of the large and important investment companies use different formulaic systems to achieve outcomes that are desirable for their clients.

All the really big companies follow a recipe so to speak which appears to have different levels of success however you measure that outcome.
And their prices will vary of course for this specialist help.

It is really logical, that if someone does not have a vast amount of relevant data about investment property groups Melbourne based, then they are unable to make an informed decision.

Now the initial concept, does appear deceptively “simple”.
Locate a fair priced new property for all the amazing tax advantages, which is outside of the cbd and then wait for the inevitable rise in the value of the property and then use the increase in value to leverage the next property.
And this is a method for accruing long term wealth that is essentially simple and sound.
But you need guidance at each step.


The minor problem is, you could be doing a google search for investment property groups melbourne and end up with a plethora of businesses and how do you choose the right company that is going to help you over the long haul ?
And if you “go it alone” so to speak, and desire to purchase a land/house package, then which builder/developers are you going to deal with finally and do you have the time to fly around and check the finishes of the builds ?


The mantra has been for years, worst house in the best street, but what about the timing of this big jump into the market.
Timing for getting into and out of the market is everything.

Many Australians are oblivious of the incredible tax advantages the government allows to encourage investment in new properties.
Note the word NEW above, because thats where the magic happens.

Ample property Solutions is one of many specialist Australian Property Investment Companies but with a difference.
We are not huge and we are not trying to be.
We have brilliant staff who are very good at what they do, which is one thing, investing in property.

Many of our clients have used our services repeatedly and many are from word of mouth referrals which is the ultimate compliment.

We specialise in directing our clients to a variety of different geographical areas all over Australia using our trusted core group of builders and valuers.

And we often advise our clients to use an investment model of mixing different property investments like negative as well as positive geared properties.

This is a proven model for lowering probability of seasonal fluctuations in the markets.

Different locations tend to move at different times, but they all follow a time line of increased value.
One of our often quoted sayings is “there is no one state, city or suburb that is the best place to invest right now”
It just depends on a myriad of variables of course.

The best day to invest in property is Yesterday.

Property types like townhouses,homes and units etc have both their positives and negatives depending on where you are looking.

Or to paraphrase Colin Powell “You need to know what you don’t know, to find out what you need to know !”

No surprises, but you need to turn to specialists in property if you want to lower the time spent searching for a decent investment and to lower your overall risks.

Its that simple.

Like any form of business there are a variety of fee`s of course.

But in the long run, you will spend less upfront than if you go it alone and make a mistake.

We have seen some companies bragging of small fee`s or even offering to pay the deposit, but if you look carefully in the small print, you will be wise to avoid these type of deals.

Its not that easy to create a diverse portfolio all over Australia without hundreds of hours doing research.
What`s your time worth ?

But our company, Ample property Solutions, based in Concord, can sure make it a lot easier !
How else can Property Investment Companies possibly help investors ?

The most important thing we can do is suggest locations to our clients, after we have done a form of financial health check of their current asset base.
Then we judge which current building cycle suits the specific needs of the client.
And, more importantly, we are not “forcing” clients to purchase properties that we have built ourselves.

Their might not be anything wrong in the product, but the company is then forced to sell products that are not in the best areas because they have no other choice.

Smart investors understand economic conditions differ from city to city, which of course means up and down cycles of prices and availability.

Logic would suggest that its financially prudent to purchase land and house packages in cities and the satellite suburbs at the right time in the cycles.

But if you do not have a professional company advising you, how would anyone ever be able to figure out which city and when is the perfect option ?

And Australia’s states and territories often have rules which differ on how different taxes are levied on the(for instance) unimproved land value of investment properties.

If you have invested all your eggs in one state, you might increase the risk of possibly exceeding a state’s land tax threshold, and incur a larger tax bill than should expect if you had invested wisely the right way.

But having the right team initially, to keep you up to date of your tax-free threshold guarantees you can reduce your land tax problems by purchasing properties in diverse cities throughout Australia.

We always recommend for our clients, a preferred method of using a widely diversified portfolio for all the taxation and investment/risk advantages this entails.

At this rate, our company is heading towards becoming one of the leading property investment companies in Australia and we will be branching out overseas in the near future.

And even though its not original, our core value is staying client orientated first and profit orientated second.
Because at the end of the day, if we do not help our clients become wealthier per se, then we will not advance in the slightest.

All our staff, both in house and our independent specialists in other states, are experts in their chosen areas of expertise.

We are primarily here to help educate and guide, new investors via our popular seminars or video training modules.

We also locate and secure high quality investment property opportunities throughout Australia and at this stage, we are concentrating in some interesting areas in south east Queensland.

Often, the properties we are showing our clients, are pre-public release which is a great advantage to our clients bottom line since the prices are often initially lower before the property is released to the public .
And how many companies fly their clients,for free, up to the properties after completion to inspect the quality of the build.

We have a concise and time tested system, that works over and over !
And Ample property Solutions has a 7 steps personalised freedom plan which lays out our system in concise steps over time

We have done all the hard work before your purchase, and then we keep on doing the heavy lifting after you have invested.

Its a set and remember operation !

All the time, we are ensuring everything is running like clockwork behind the scenes !
Its our job to do the worrying.

And we now have the Ample Property solutions app which allows our clients to follow the progress of your property during the building as well as its running as a rental property.
You have nothing to lose if you engage our services, but everything to lose if you don’t.


Have a chat to us now, to let us show you how we can help you invest in your future.