Fear and Procrastination



What does a Rolls Royce… fear and procrastination have in common ?
Strangely and unfortunately they can be tied together due to a variety of recent events both in the real world as well as the online world.

This whole topic kind of steers into the previous weeks article on information overload as well.

Are all builders the same ?
If you read a story about builders and you watched them being chased down the road for shoddy work, would you then assume all builders are lousy rip off merchants who cannot build a decent home ?

If you watched a story about a lousy doctor who misdiagnosed several patients and made some awful mistakes, would you assume all doctors follow the same mindset and methodology ?

A hidden camera reveals a mechanic who is not actually doing anything to the engine that he is supposed to be repairing, does this mean you think all mechanics operate this way ?

Why do people answer rhetorical questions ? 🙂

Okay, can you see a pattern ?

The problem is, in the property investment industry, which we work in, there are a few top secret things that everyone might not be aware of.
1/Not all companies are honest.
2/Not all companies carry out due diligence on their products or subcontractors.
Who would have thought eh ?

So if the normal members of the public, watched stories about the trades we gave as an example, do that mean they obviously think ALL people in those areas are like that ?
Of course not.

But if a major online paper comes out and produces an article that is essentially smearing all property investment companies as sharks and con men, does that mean some people will now be wary of people in that industry ?

And if the article also uses a load of logical fallacies and non-sensical statements and combines it with a secret “victim” who might be a work of fiction and the writer refuses to tell us exactly how the “victim” lost money, would that effect us in the real world ?

The  answer is YES.

Case in point was a client who came in recently and really liked our real estate investment model and could clearly see what we did and how we structured our business.

We do have a great way of making complicated “things” easier!

But our client did not have enough equity and had decided to bring in his parents to show them what we do.
But…the parents, who were property investors themselves..had managed to stumble on to the latest and greatest article I am talking about which painted our industry in an appalling light.

And they were initially quite against our model of investing.

They understood that we are a one stop shop so to speak, but mistakingly thought that this entailed us having mortgage brokers,valuers,builders,researchers etc within our own company structure.
Which we clearly do not.
That would mean we could not  offer our clients unbiased and objective advise !

What we do have is a fantastic group of people all over Australia which allows us to give UNBIASED advise on where and when to invest, since we are not forced to push any specific developer or area in the slightest.

We are not a builder, but we have some brilliant builders working in partnerships with us all over Australia.

The same goes for valuers,mortgage brokers etc.

They are all companies that we have checked out carefully and who have proven tracks records and match our own companies ethics and work ethos.

A quick case in point.

One of our staff recently met a potential builder for a possible alignment in the future.

Mind you this was just a preliminary meeting and nothing more !

There was a very nice Rolls Royce parked out the front of the building.
Which was highly coveted by one of our staff in an unhealthy way 🙂

The general manager  of the company appeared to be about twenty nine years old after the parents passed down the reins of the company to him.

The parents had established the company and handed over the reins to their son.

Fair enough..but..there is always a but, this is the exact sequence that then followed.

We had a great conversation about the car first and foremost to break the ice and then we started  speaking about how we look at aligning with our builders and their team.

And we then we indicated we would like to chat about their past projects, which projects they had going right now as well as their completion dates.

As well as  turn around times, variety of designs for their project kit homes.

Our last question, which was the most important  was about their financial stability.

The developer smiled, and instead of answering our other questions said “there is a rolls royce out the front so we are doing okay financially

Wrong answer..
With that, our staff member stood up, thanked them for their time and wished them all the best in their companies future.
Because, unlike the supposed ethos that we are all supposed to have in this “game”, we have a set of core values and ethics that we adhere to rigidly.
We will only work with people that align with our core values and have a history of quality work.

Regarding procrastination, which is essentially fear driven.
Sure it can be based on a form of laziness and too many options, but we are finding it is often based on  fear.
Fear = A feeling induced by perceived danger.
The perceived danger is the possible consequences of actually taking action and investing in property.

But where is the “fear” of not taking action ?
Because their is a literal cost to not taking action NOW(which is inherently based on a fear of the consequences of taking action and its  perceived consequences).
On this rollercoaster of missed opportunities you are missing out on the right time to enter the market, as well as time in the actual market.
Both are very important !
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