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Subtitled..The Value of Mentors and a Team…
Do you have to do research all by yourself or is it more pragmatic to have  a mentor or team, to guide you through decision making processes ?
And to be clear, todays topic is about success in business in general, or more to the point, success in investing.
How do you place a value on the services of a mentor ?

Lets look at the research of Tom Corley when he interviewed different millionaires and see how he actually qualified the true value of a mentor.
Corley interviewed 233 wealthy individuals and 128 poor individuals over a 3 year period beginning in March 2004 and ending in March 2007.
Of the 233 millionaires, 177 were self-made millionaires and 56 inherited their money.
Of the 177 self-made millionaires, 105 (59%) came from middle-class households and 72 (41%) came from poor households.

Twenty four percent of these millionaires told him  that they had an active mentor in their lives that was an important part of their success with 93% claiming that 100% of their wealth could be directly attributed to the coaching from their mentor.
The average net worth of the people in this study was US$4.3 dollars.

Corley came to the conclusion that the mentors hired by millionaires he surveyed, were worth four million dollars to the businesses they were hired by.

The mentor can smooth out a path for you, since they have done it before and they make it an easier trajectory for you.
Why reinvent the wheel when it comes to anything, especially in business ?
People should use the mind set that mentoring is not just an expense, its an investment, that will pay off in the long run.

As long as you do not get overwhelmed in the process and have clear goals and actually implement the steps.
There is a hell of a difference between day dreaming about supposed goals..and actually taking action and  implementing the steps, in sequence.

A question that is often asked is, how do you find a great mentor ?
They are all around us, but what we have found is, most people do not even think about it.

But if you can change how you think and say to yourself “I need this to advance myself” then the world suddenly opens up.
It does not have to necessarily mean sitting down with someone who can coach you, though many of us have advanced rapidly that way.
Books, web sites and public speakers all can provide us with nuggets of information.
In todays world you don’t need a physical connection.

The TedX talks have some brilliant speakers and are a great source for not only inspiration but useable tactics.
At the end of the day, everything is information based, and it will cost you at the very least some time, or time and money.

There always has to be an “exchange” of something for information.

Even social situations can lead to ideas to help grow your business and yourself.
The saying “If your the smartest person in the room, then your in the wrong room” is very apt !

If you wish to hire a mentor for one on one(skype or face to face)the person must be able to prove some level of success because there are many people in this field that are not what they claim to be.
I remember meeting a young guy who was on unemployment benefits and had read loads of self help books, yet did not have one cent to his name.
And he was telling me with a straight face he was writing an ebook on how to become wealthy, by faking it till he….
Which is not only unethical but mildly insane.

Your mentor should have achieved what you are after, and kept it for awhile.
And paradoxically, a mentor might have even failed once or twice as well.
Because we can often learn more, from our failures than our successes.
But its even better to learn from the mistakes of others than our own  !

Tony Robbins is the greatest living inspirational, motivation coach today, and has helped hundreds of thousands of people over the years.
But who are some of the people that have influenced this giant (literally) of a human being ?
Jim Rohn at fifty was probably the most important person Robbins has ever met . Robbins was just 17 at the time.
Robbins says Rohn Taught him “..happiness and success in life are not the result of what we have, but rather of how we live and what we do with the things we have..”
Three others who heavily influence Robbins are..
John Grinder, the co-creator of Neuro-linguistic programming.My favourite book by Grinder is “Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming”
Peter Guber who owns the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Dodgers and is chairman of Dick Clark Productions.
And Paul Tudor Jones, billionaire founder of Tudor Investment Corporation.

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