Crewing for Tony Robbins !!

Hey everybody I am back.
You are probably wondering why my voice is so husky and sexy?
I am super pumped to be doing these videos and creating all these incredible educations videos again.
To reinforce how important it is to have the right mindset and to surround yourself with the right people.
And invest in a vehicle that will help you create the wealth, so that you can have a successful retirement.
For my last 6 days I have been crewing for Tony Robbins for the ‘Unleash the Power Event’
This changed my life about 4 years ago!
What an experience.
I am actually speechless…
Crewing and serving others is something that I love to do.
I decided to crew and serve because the event had such a massive change and influence on me.
Not only that, it has been the amazing people that I have been able to touch, the amazing souls that I saw that were transformed from day one to day four.
Seeing their change.
Seeing their transformation.
Seeing the moment when they realise that anything is truly possible!
And that for me really touched my heart.
I can’t express how this event originally changed me.
Not so much the event 5 years ago.
But the event recently where I was meeting all these amazing people!
Also the connections I had with nearly 300 others also crewing.
Tony Robbins will say this as well.
Without the crews and trainers he would have no event.
To feel that I was part of this events success was out of this world.
I want to leave you with one important piece of information.
“If serving is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you”
If helping others is beneath you, then leadership of others is beyond you.
Leaders get there because they serve.
They have the intention of helping others.
Thats what I have been doing for several years now with Ample Property solutions.
I have had a lot of success and this is why I continue to have more success.
And I want that for you!
Much love to everybody.
I wish you nothing but success for your future.
Good bless!
Thank you!
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